How Often Does My Computer Need to be Cleaned!

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We are all the same when it comes to keeping our Computer tidy. It takes so much time to delete our emails, empty our recycling bin, and clean up our web browsers.

clean ME

If you do a great deal of web searching, downloading, adding photos -your computer needs weekly attention.  If your computer is slower than usual, or is making “funny” noises, it needs to be maintained ASAP. Your system will not get better by itself, if anything it will only get worse.

Hard drives will fail, it’s just that simple. The new SS (solid state) drives promises that will not happen, but not many computers are currently using SS drives unless you configured your computer that way.  SS drives add more cost to your system, but they give you more protection.

So the question is, how often do you backup your computer data (documents,contacts, pictures and music). Have you considered the “cloud”? If you do have a backup drive, have you checked to see if it really has been backing up?

Schedule a 6 month appointment for cleaning if that is something you don’t like to do. It will save you a lot of money and disappointment.

Your Computer Nanny

PS: I’m in process of setting up a “beginning” computer class – for both Mac and Windows users at a local hotel. If you are interested, please contact me.  E-mail:  or 520-409-8656
Classes will be small and very affordable. No more than 2 hours in length! Computers will not be necessary for this first session – we will be discussing general concepts and technology.


Phone/Internet Scams

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Be very careful when you receive a call from “Microsoft” or are told your computer is infected!  Microsoft will NEVER call you!  Ask for the phone number of the caller and ask them what type of computer you have MAKE and MODEL.

Do not give anyone on the Internet access to your computer, no matter how convincing they may look.

It’s a SCAM, and you are the victim. Tell them you don’t have a computer if you feel compelled to talk to them, however you don’t need to be polite to them, they want your money and ID! I suggest you just hang-up!

Be careful!

Your Nanny

Windows 10….should I download?

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STOP…before you download and update your computer, you MUST call the manufacturer of your computer FIRST and find out if your computer has been tested and is certified to run Windows 10.

Be sure you have your original recovery CD’s and drivers. If you do not once again call the manufacturer and ask for them to be sent to you. It’s important to know the model of your computer and if you have any account information.

PS – Do you regularly backup your system, either on an external hard drive, USB thumbdrive , or the cloud? Start the New Year right!


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Social media has taken over the world. Billions of people are on social media every single day. The older population is included. Many more retirees are using social media each day to connect with family, friends and keep up with world events. If your senior loved one has not tried social media yet, you may want to encourage it.www.kvanb.comLONG DESCRIPTION

The Benefits of Social Media for Older Adults

They interact with others on a daily basis. Some seniors will become isolative. Social media helps them stay connect with the outside world.
It improves social skills. Since many seniors have become isolative, they may not feel comfortable in social situations. Social media allows them to “talk” to others without being face-to-face, which can be much easier.
Social media can improve their health. As they read articles shared on social media, they will understand how they should be trying to improve their health.
It can improve mental health. Besides just reading about improving it and being social, social media allows seniors to vent their thoughts, which can have incredible mental benefits.
It helps them maintain their cognitive abilities. According to the use it or lose it principle, seniors need to continue using their mind to keep their cognitive abilities strong. Using technology can do that for them.
It’s entertaining. Social media is entertaining and everyone needs that in life.
How to Help Your Senior Get on Social Media

The best way to start is to expose your loved one to it. Share your social media accounts with your loved one. Go through your feed with him or her by your side. When you see something interesting, show your loved one how you like it, comment, or tap on it to read the full article. By showing your loved one what you can do, he or she will start to wonder if that’s something that he or she would like to do.

You are just peaking their interest at first. After that, the learning begins.

When your loved one shows interest, start with one social media network such as Facebook. Get on the computer or on a device and set up an account for him or her. You can then start identifying what your loved one needs know to navigate it. Don’t think your loved one won’t learn things on his or her own. After getting the basic idea of it, only time will lead your loved one into liking pages and even creating their own posts.

Don’t push it. Pushing your loved one to like it or use it will only make him or her more resistant. This is supposed to be something that is fun as well as beneficial.

More Tips

I have recommended social media to many of my  clients. While they were hesitant at first, once they started on it, they became fans right away. My caregiving clients have also introduced it to their older parents and loved ones with success. They have stated that it’s the one thing that’s helped them lift their spirits, especially when they read funny articles or see funny pictures.

Contact me now for more information on consulting for yourself or your senior loved one.


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What are POP and IMAP?
POP and IMAP are two different protocols, or methods, of connecting with a mail server and retrieving your mail. Most mail servers allow you to choose which one you want to use. If you have an email account and check your mail from one computer, POP can work perfectly well, but if you want to check and synchronize mail on multiple devices, IMAP is likely a better way to go.

The explanation below is somewhat oversimplified, but should help you understand the differences.

How does POP work?
POP (sometimes referred to as POP3) is designed to allow you to connect to a server, download your messages, and remove them from the server. The mail gets stored locally on your computer.

POP does have the capability to leave mail on the server for a certain period, however, the functionality that goes along with leaving the mail on the server is someone minimal and does not include true syncing of your email on multiple clients and server.

How does IMAP work?
IMAP is designed to allow you to connect to a server, get a copy of your message, and leave the original messages on the server. IMAP includes important synchronizing capabilities for your account, so you can connect with multiple devices, create folders, and flag messages. The actions you take will be synchronized with all connected devices.

Should I use IMAP if I have many devices?
Typically, IMAP is the way to go if you want to sync your mail among several devices. One consideration with IMAP is that you are storing mail on the server and the amount of diskspace needed will grow over time. With our email system, there are some nominal costs associated with using additional diskspace. One big advantage to the IMAP model is that you have a copy of your mail locally and a backup at another location.

Why should I use POP?

While IMAP is a more powerful protocol, there are a few reasons you might go with POP:

You have one machine for checking email and just want to keep it simple.
You don’t want to build up the the storage space for your account on the server and potentially have associated expenses. Although the expenses are nominal, if you trust your local backup system and have very simple needs, then POP could suit your needs quite well.

The New iPhone! 6S

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Source: The New iPhone! 6S

The New iPhone! 6S

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iPhone 6S release date, news and features
By Matt Swider 18 hours agoMobile phones

Apple’s new iPhone gets a specs bump for the same price

iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S is how Apple intends to spell success this year, even though the phone’s design doesn’t look all that different and it isn’t really called the iPhone 7 after all.
With the new iPhone, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, as a teacher resembling Apple CEO Tim Cook may have once told you. The same applies to the nearly identical iPhone 6S Plus, too.
Update: Our final iPhone 6S review put Apple’s new phone to the early test. Read how it fared, or conti continue to read about all its features below.
The most important iPhone 6S news is that you’re in for a significant specs upgrade, with a faster performing phone, a novel 3D Touch screen and a much superior 12MP camera.
Is there enough here for an upgrade? Now that it’s out in stores, let’s break down all of the details, from the iPhone 6S price, to the design, to camera and, and finally, the battery life.
iPhone 6S release date
The official iPhone 6S release date was last Friday, September 25 in a dozen countries, including the US, UK and Australia. Pre-orders began more than a week earlier on Saturday, September 12.
There was strong demand of the “rose gold” iPhone 6S from the moment Cook revealed that new pale pink color during the iPhone press conference at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S arrives four days before the rumors Google Nexus phone launches
Interestingly, Apple let fans line up in front of its Apple Stores on launch day, unlike the more tame Apple Watch release date, but it let in-store pickup reservation holders go first, in our line experiences.
That means, no matter how long people physically waited in line for the launch, being online was the best way to score the rose gold iPhone on day one.
iPhone 6S price
Apple answered all of the new iPhone rumors during its live event earlier this month, including the all-important question: how much does iPhone 6S cost?
iPhone 6S prices are all over the place in the US but essentially the same
“Any iPhone you want is pretty affordable,” according to Apple, which of course means it’s just as expensive. Apple never uses soft adjectives like “pretty” when words like “definitely” and “unquestionably” exist. It’s thoroughly unapologetic about that.
The iPhone 6S price starts at $649 in the US, £539 in the UK and AU$1,079 in Australia. That’s the same price as last year’s iPhone 6 in the US and UK. It’ll be $199 in the US on a two-year contract.
That’s for the entry-level configuration, which again starts at a paltry 16GB. The iPhone 6S in a more accommodating 64GB is $749 (£619, AU$1,229) and 128GB is ($849, £699, AU$1,379). Once again, there’s no 32GB iPhone when almost every Android this year began with that storage size.
iPhone 6S news
There’s no price change, but a revision is being made to the how US consumers go about buying the new iPhone. Instead of “starting at $199,” it’ll cost around $27 or more a month from carriers. Apple had to pivot to also mention this monthly device payment plans being offered by Verizon, AT&T, Sprint T-Mobile and others.
Apple also introduced an “iPhone Upgrade Program” of its own that starts at $32 a month, includes a new unlocked iPhone every year for $0 and throws in its AppleCare+ protection. You end up spending $384 on the phone over 12 months and trade-in the working iPhone for the next one.
iPhone 6S: it won’t bend
Apple attacked last year’s iPhone 6 Bendgate problems head on, almost exactly like it addressed iPhone 4 AntennaGate flaws when the iPhone 4S was announced.
iPhone 6S features more durability thanks to less pliable 7000-series aluminum. This is an entirely new aluminum,” said executive Phil Schiller, noting it’s “the same alloys used in the aerospace industry.”
iPhone 6S
Will iPhone 6S bend? Not so easily this time around
Apple didn’t go into the science of it, but it likely has corrosion-prone zinc compounds and a thicker anodization coating that prevents said corrosion, as we’ve seen in this alleged bend test.
Your ultra-thin phone may be safe in your back pocket again, although I still wouldn’t suggest tempting fate of a dented frame without an iPhone 6S case first.
There’s good news for anyone who has smashed a phone screen. Schiller talked up the iPhone 6S glass being “the strongest in the industry, made with a dual ion exchange process.
The popular new rose gold iPhone 6S color is here, too, and it matches the pale pink tones of the more expensive rose gold Apple Watch. This metal case, however, is still made of aluminum.
iPhone 6S
Rose gold is this year’s standout iPhone color
The rose gold iPhone 6S joins existing colors of gold, space gray and silver, and now the new iPhones are the only way to get gold. The popular color has been discontinued in older models.
Other than that, the iPhone 6S looks exactly the same as last year’s iPhone 6 on the outside, at least with the naked eye. It’s hard to tell, but the dimensions are bigger by a few fractions of a millimeter. It’s 0.2mm thicker and 0.1mm wider and 0.2mm taller. There’s still an iPhone 6S camera bump, I’m afraid.
3D Touch
iPhone 6SThe next-generation of multi-touch has launched, and it’s indeed called 3D Touch, confirming all of the rumors in the lead up to Apple’s press conference.
Apple executive Craig Federighi gave the first live demo of 3D Touch, and it works a lot like Force Touch on the Apple Watch or new MacBook trackpad.
It’s like a “right click” for the iPhone 6S, and it results in a context sensitive pop-up window in front of translucent backgrounds every time you apply a little bit of pressure on the screen. In the Mail app, for example, you never really need to navigate away from the inbox to read or reply to your messages.

“Take action on apps without even having to open them,” explained Federighi. From the home screen, he was able to make calls to favorites, view directions from an address given to him in iMessages and take “emergency selfies” right from the front facing camera, all without opening the usual app menus.

3D Touch is also going to change playing games on iPhone 6S going forward, with new developers taking advantage of the new multi-touch technology in their interactive apps. Since games are among the No. 1 apps in the Apple App Store, they may put 3D Touch to use the best.

New iPhone 6S camera

At long last, there’s going to be a much-improved iPhone 6S camera, and Apple showed off the accurate skin tones and incredible depth of field possible. This is thanks to photos taken with the new 12MP camera sensor.

iPhone 6S
The iPhone 6S camera gets a much better sensor
Everything from beautifully detailed close-up macro shots, to sweeping panoramic photos without visible stitching lines could rival the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5. Both new iPhones are have the same focus pixels-filled sensor, but only the bigger iPhone 6S Plus has optical image stabilization for photos and video again.
Videos are shot in 4K, with 8 million pixels via the rear camera. The front-facing camera will now be 5MP, and a TrueTone flash is simulated thanks to the Retina display that lights up the screen three times brighter than normal. This “Retina Flash” is ideal for lighting up darkened selfie environments.
4K video and Live Photos are also upgrades
Apple claims to have invented an “entirely new technology” with Live Photos, which are short bursts of moving pictures and sound. At first, it seemed ridiculous, as if it was claiming to have invented video or high-resolution GIFs.
But Live Photos are automatically turned on for the iSight camera, capturing 1.5 seconds before and 1.5 second after you press the shutter button. Pressing down on the 3D Touch screen brings them to life, or even swiping through your photo gallery shows a little bit of movement for a really neat effect.
It’s like Burst Photos, but put to better use. Don’t worry, Apple says that Live Photos won’t take up too much space. That’s a wise move for anyone brave enough to buy the space-limited 16GB new iPhone.
Faster than ever
Apple claims that Wi-Fi is twice as fast when using the new iPhone 6S. That means the slowdown on your phone’s connection at home and at work can properly be blamed on your ISP.
More importantly, the iPhone 6S specs include the all-new A9 processor with with embedded M9 motion coprocessor. It’s not as speedy as the iPad Pro A9X chip, but it’ll be plenty fast for a new phone.
iPhone 6S
The specs make major leaps every year, this time thanks to the A9 chip
Apple’s System-on-a-Chip is snappier than ever, with a CPU that’s 70% faster than the iPhone 6, and the GPU sees on 90% performance boost. The co processor has better activity tracking and it enables you to issue “Hey Siri” commands at any time. Previously, your iPhone had to be plugged in to take advantage of this always-listening virtual assistant mode.
The iPhone 6S is confirmed to have 2GB of RAM. It’s a key spec that translates into letting you have more apps and tasks open at once. Since the iPhone 5, we’ve been dealing with just 1GB of RAM.
Apple only likes to go so deeply into its iPhone specs, or maybe it’s that the new phone might look bad on paper next to 4GB Android handsets. Either way, it’s a much-needed upgrade.
Battery life
Like the iPhone 6S price and the overall look, there’s no difference in the “all-day” battery life for the new 4.7-inch phone, according to Apple at least. It has the same 14 hours of talk time and 11 hours of continuous HD video playback.
We’re testing the iPhone 6S battery life right now for our review
That doesn’t mean the battery capacity is the same size, however. Those are two different specs, as an Apple promo video clearly labels, and subsequent teardowns have confirmed, the iPhone 6S battery is 1,715mAh instead of last year’s 1,810mAh.
How does it maintain the same charge duration without the same battery size? Hardware changes, and also iOS 9 software tweaks are extending battery life across the board for iPhones.
Should you buy an iPhone 6S?
With the exception of the new rose gold color, this looks and feels like a hard-to-read S upgrade, as we say in our iPhone 6S review. But it does pack in powerful enough specs to consider running out and purchasing.
Should you pick one of these up?
The new 12MP camera is important for anyone who takes iPhone photos every day (read: everyone) and the 5MP front-facing camera’s Retina Flash is ideal for anyone who only takes selfies (narcissists). It’s the most important app to phone users these days, and therefore the biggest upgrade.
4K videos and Live Photos may be fun to play around with, even if they’re not revolutionary, and the jury is still out on 3D Touch. Right now, it’s a nifty menu shortcut convenience taken from the Apple Watch.
The aluminum 7000 build quality, Apple A9 processor and faster Wi-Fi and Touch ID sensor make this a speedier and stronger phone upgrade next to the iPhone 6, especially if you’re ready to move on from that two-year old iPhone 5S.