Why will Microsoft NEVER call you?

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If you receive a call from someone who tells you they are from Microsoft, quickly hang up your phone. Microsoft will NEVER call you, this is a call from people who are trying to con you into spending money. NEVER give them your credit card or access to your computer! Even if they tell you your computer is infected, they are con-artists. Call your local tech person – hopefully The ComputerNanny and have her check out your computer if that would make you feel safer.

Be careful, Be safe, and Don’t trust these people, they are out to get you and your money!

Have a safe week.

Your Computer Nanny


Malware is Nasty!

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Running antivirus is still important, but these days the really active threats are from spyware, adware, crapware, and the worst of all: ransomware. That’s where Malwarebytes comes in. Malwarebytes not only protects your computer from malware, but does a better job of cleaning up an infected computer than anything else on the market. And it doesn’t just work on PCs — they have a Mac version too. Consider purchasing Malwarebytes for the New Year as a resolution..Antivirus is not enough!

Why it is best to purchase a New Modem and Router

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Technology is changing so quickly. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is upgrading your speed, but the old modem and router can’t handle it.

If your units are over 3 years old, it is time to invest in newer, faster technology.

SSD Drives over Conventional Hard Drives

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ssd drive.png

Conclusion: except in cases of early total failure, SSDs are likely to last longer than indicated by early errors, and data vectors like TDW are likely to be overstated by software measurement because of system-level buffering.

Read Link above!

How Often Does My Computer Need to be Cleaned!

•January 14, 2016 • 1 Comment

We are all the same when it comes to keeping our Computer tidy. It takes so much time to delete our emails, empty our recycling bin, and clean up our web browsers.

clean ME

If you do a great deal of web searching, downloading, adding photos -your computer needs weekly attention.  If your computer is slower than usual, or is making “funny” noises, it needs to be maintained ASAP. Your system will not get better by itself, if anything it will only get worse.

Hard drives will fail, it’s just that simple. The new SS (solid state) drives promises that will not happen, but not many computers are currently using SS drives unless you configured your computer that way.  SS drives add more cost to your system, but they give you more protection.

So the question is, how often do you backup your computer data (documents,contacts, pictures and music). Have you considered the “cloud”? If you do have a backup drive, have you checked to see if it really has been backing up?

Schedule a 6 month appointment for cleaning if that is something you don’t like to do. It will save you a lot of money and disappointment.

Your Computer Nanny

PS: I’m in process of setting up a “beginning” computer class – for both Mac and Windows users at a local hotel. If you are interested, please contact me.  E-mail: computernanny85718@gmail.com  or 520-409-8656
Classes will be small and very affordable. No more than 2 hours in length! Computers will not be necessary for this first session – we will be discussing general concepts and technology.


Phone/Internet Scams

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Be very careful when you receive a call from “Microsoft” or are told your computer is infected!  Microsoft will NEVER call you!  Ask for the phone number of the caller and ask them what type of computer you have MAKE and MODEL.

Do not give anyone on the Internet access to your computer, no matter how convincing they may look.

It’s a SCAM, and you are the victim. Tell them you don’t have a computer if you feel compelled to talk to them, however you don’t need to be polite to them, they want your money and ID! I suggest you just hang-up!

Be careful!

Your Nanny

Windows 10….should I download?

•January 10, 2016 • 1 Comment

STOP…before you download and update your computer, you MUST call the manufacturer of your computer FIRST and find out if your computer has been tested and is certified to run Windows 10.

Be sure you have your original recovery CD’s and drivers. If you do not once again call the manufacturer and ask for them to be sent to you. It’s important to know the model of your computer and if you have any account information.

PS – Do you regularly backup your system, either on an external hard drive, USB thumbdrive , or the cloud? Start the New Year right!